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  1. It looks like your code was not integrated into the original workflow and you are quite ahead in terms of commits. Would you mind creating a separate thread in the forums so you have your own dedicated place for questions and all?
  2. Yes, I have successfully set the keyboard shortcut but I was wondering if I could also change the keyword from `spot_mini` to something different.
  3. Hi! Is there a way to have spell keyword work with more than one language? Right now if I set Language in Dictionary section of Alfred settings to default or English then I can misspell the word in English and it will suggest the closest match with proper spelling. If I change the keyboard input to Russian and misspell the word, then it'll tell me "Not Found'. If I set Language in Dictionary section of Alfred settings to Russian, then it will find the closest match to misspelled word in Russian, but will tell me 'Not Found' if I misspell the word in English. So c
  4. Hi! Is there a way to change the keyword to invoke the workflow? I even have not been able to find out which trigger object starts the workflow))
  5. That's ok. I guess it's time to finally upgrade to v.4. Speaking about the workflow, is it possible to search for a specific process so that I can act upon it? Quite often frozen process is not in the "top" list but I would like to kill it. Never mind, if I enter the process name, it filters the list by that name. That's exactly what I was looking for!
  6. It would not run on Alfred 3. Is Alfred 4 is so much different that workflows are incompatible?
  7. I have exactly the same problem with: error message in the debug panel with WU service. With DS service everything works just fine
  8. I'd like to bump this thread. I have created a custom workflow but it still would not search for hidden files. Is there anything I can do to be able to search for hidden files in a specific folder?
  9. I too have a problem with proper alignment.
  10. Also, if you combine this with BetterTouchTool you can set a quick double tap of a key to launch the search.
  11. Great question. I sent a mail to Bartender support, see if they can implement it.
  12. Was this workflow removed? For the life of my i can't find the download link in the OP.
  13. This is awesome! Thank you. Could it be possible to act on specific dates - like open selected date in the calendar or fantastical apps?
  14. There is something wrong with the workflow: 1. When i type "rec dow" it would auto expand to "rec Downloads >" as normal but would not display anything. Also, when i try to delete (backspace) the word "Downloads" it would delete character by character unlike other keywords, where it would delete the whole second keyword (like "Now >" or "Applications >") 2. Also another strange thing is if i want to type "rec folders" then as soon as i type "rec folde" then the whole line gets deleted automatically and then symbols "rc" gets input automatically. 3. When i try to run the workflow,
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