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    mixterdee reacted to Mr Pennyworth in GIF Search: Workflow for Searching and Browsing GIFs   
    Alfred GIF Search
    Download: Gif.Search.alfredworkflow
    Up-to-date README (this post is outdated)

    This workflow lets you search GIFs on Tenor from Alfred.

    Here's an example of searching and inserting a GIF in a google doc:

    Download the latest release. In Alfred, run .setup-gif-search.
    In Alfred, enter gif keyword followed by search query. Press ↩. Use arrow keys or mouse to browse the GIFs. To copy the selected GIF to clipboard: either ⌘↩ or ⌘-click To drop the GIF into apps that support it: drag from Alfred and drop into that app

    Firefox and Chrome don't support pasting GIFs from clipboard. That is, if you copy a GIF to clipboard and paste it, it shows up as a static image, not an animated GIF. This is not a bug in this workflow, but rather just the way these browsers have decided to handle GIFs.

    Both Chrome and Firefox support drag-n-drop. If you use either of these browsers, sorry, you gotta use the mouse!
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    mixterdee reacted to Vero in Every app search results in doubles   
    @wealthychef Type "reload" into Alfred to refresh the app cache first. If the issue is with Alfred having cached the old and new location, that'll resolve it.
    If you still see two at that point, then macOS may have got itself into a more serious muddle, and is actually providing duplicate results to Alfred.
    Which version of Alfred and which macOS build are you using?
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    mixterdee reacted to Boris in Bluetooth manager - Connect and disconnect a bluetooth device easily   
    Github: https://github.com/bmunoz89/alfred-wf-bluetooth-manager
    🚨 Supports Alfred 3 & 4 🚨
    💻 Installation 👾
    Run this command on a terminal:
    brew install blueutil Now download ⏬ the last release and open it 😎. That's all!!
    📸 Screenshots
    🔑 Keywords
    bset: Set the default device bc: Connect the default device bd: Disconnect the default device bcs: Select the device you would like to connect to bds: Select the device you would like to disconnect to bm: Allows to turn bluetooth on and off, and the same for updates of the workflow  
    Besides that, you can add shortcuts into the preferences 👌🏽
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    mixterdee reacted to cands in Bluetooth manager - Connect and disconnect a bluetooth device easily   
    Useful workflow, thank you! I wonder is it by any means possible to get battery levels of connected devices? 
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    mixterdee reacted to Boris in Bluetooth manager - Connect and disconnect a bluetooth device easily   
    sure, I'll add that ASAIC 👍
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    mixterdee reacted to pmullins in Arkham Dark   
    Arkham Dark is a new theme I created based in part on the terminal colors in System76's Pop!_OS Linux distribution. Hope you like it! 😁

    GitHub Link: Download
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    mixterdee reacted to Appu Mohan in IMDB Search Suggest   
    Is the workflow dead ?? 
    "No Suggestions Found" !!
    How to make it work ??
    I am using the Movies & Tv show search workflow, which works great. Still i would love to search directly in imdb. 

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    mixterdee reacted to mayuzumi in Night VS Light   
    Themes for Alfred 3
    Night    VS     Light
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    mixterdee reacted to vitor in StartRecording — Shortcuts for recording from your computer   
    Start recording audio, the screen, or the webcam, fast.
    Press a Hotkey or call a Keyword, and the respective recording will begin.
    At the moment, only QuickTime Player is supported as a recording app.
    Download | Source
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    mixterdee reacted to mickaphd in Clear Safari + Safari Incognito   
    Clear Safari: this simple workflow launch an AppleScript to clear Safari history/cache/cookies/etc. 

    Safari Incognito: this one enable private browsing in Safari by opening a new private window

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    mixterdee reacted to sheferd in Crisp Bliss - minimal light & dark themes   
    A minimalistic theme - light and dark
    a theme (light) I created and have used since I first started using Alfred 3
    Get the Light theme: http://pastebin.com/HHx821bh
    Get the Dark theme: http://pastebin.com/x2thqfL0
    Font used is "Source Sans Pro" available for free from google fonts:
    Click "Select this font" (top right), Click the black bar that appears (bottom right), Click the download button in the top right of that popup window  

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    mixterdee reacted to Colin in Dual Finder windows   
    I dislike have to manually resize and position Finder windows, so after a little research I came up with this solution
    This workflow produces two Finder windows side by side, any size any position.
    Modify the script to suit your needs. Hope someone finds it as useful as I do.
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    mixterdee got a reaction from megaroeny in Material Design (Dark) - v3 theme   
    Looks great. Thanks
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    mixterdee reacted to dfay in Workflow Picker   
    Just updated this with a new version for Alfred 3.
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    mixterdee reacted to hanieldanson in Easily share snippets (possible to export/import snippets only)?   
    Any updates on this with the release of Alfred 3 and expanded snippets functionality? I'd love to convince my company to switch from TextExpander to Alfred 3, but it would be a much easier sell if we didn't have to rewrite our script to keep snippets updated across the entire team
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    mixterdee reacted to ramiro.araujo in Transmit 4 Favorites Workflow, FAST   
    Transmit 4 Workflow for Alfred app
    Workflow for searching and opening Favorites in Transmit 4 App. It's really fast, because it reads the SQLite Database or XML datasource in latests releases of Transmit 4.
    There are already at least 2 Transmit workflows, but one is incompatible with latests Transmit 4 and the other, although very good, uses AppleScript to do the searching, and thus you need to wait for Transmit to open to get feedback. This is particulary slow on non SSD machines.
    Type the keyword (default ftp) and start typing the name of the favorite to search; dead simple.

    For OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Download the alfred-transmit.alfredworkflow and import to Alfred 2.
    For Previous OS X Versions, Download the alfred-transmit.alfredworkflow and import to Alfred 2.
    Source Code
    Clone or Fork the Workflow: https://github.com/ramiroaraujo/alfred-transmit-workflow
    2013-12-16 - Released 2014-01-02 - Added support for previous OS versions, using System Ruby 1.8, tested up to Lion 2014-01-03 - Search in both Favorite name and host 2014-01-20 - Added support for Favorites.xml 2014-01-30 - Rebuilt XML search to use different Ruby xml parser Note: I updated the original description to match the project readme file
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    mixterdee reacted to joewilliams998 in Surf   
    I made a theme with slight transparency, designed to be unobtrusive but visible over light or dark backgrounds.

    Here's the download link: http://is.gd/GZfmDU
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    mixterdee reacted to matias in AlfredBullet: Send links or text to your devices via PushBullet   
    I didn't really like any of the existing Pushbullet workflows, so I made my own. Say hello to AlfredBullet:

    Pushbullet is an app and service that lets you send links, text and other content between your devices (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, etc).
    The workflow is available for download on GitHub and (experimentally) Packal:
    Github (matiaskorhonen/alfred-bullet) Packal: AlfredBullet  
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    mixterdee reacted to rice.shawn in Battery - view summary stats about your laptop battery   
    Opening Google search is just the "fallback" search, which means that the workflow failed to produce any usable results for Alfred.
    This happened to me as well at some point with some upgrade. To fix it, just open the file battery.sh in the workflow and, around line 81, change
    <title>$TEMPERATURE° C</title> <subtitle>Temperature</subtitle> <icon>temp.png</icon> </item> to
    <title>${TEMPERATURE}° C</title> <subtitle>Temperature</subtitle> <icon>temp.png</icon> </item> So, probably some Yosemite upgrade changed a version of Bash, and that version of Bash chokes when the degree symbol is next to a variable.
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    mixterdee reacted to wolph in Advanced calculator with fast off-line unit converter   
    Alfred unit converter is a really fast smart calculator for Alfred with support for unit conversions to make it a bit comparable to the Google Calculator and Wolfram Alpha.
    If new units and/or other names for units should be added please let me know by creating an issue at:https://github.com/WoLpH/alfred-converter/issues
    Example queries
    Downloadable from Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/unit-converter
    1m in cm # Just a simple conversion 2^30 byte # Using powers before conversion 5' # Converting units with special characters 20" # Like above 5 * cos(pi + 2) # Executing mathematical functions 5 * pi + 2 mm in m # Mathematical constants with unit conversion 1 * cos(pi/2) - sin(pi^2) # More advanced mathematical expressions ln(e^10) # Testing the ln(x) alias of log _e(x) log(e^10) # The normal log method 5+3^2" in mm # Testing math with unit conversion 1 + 2 / 3 * 4) mm^2 in cm^2 # Unbalanced paranthesis with unit conversion ((1 + 2 / 3 * 4) mm^2 in cm^2 # Unbalanced paranthesis the other way inf - inf # Not actually possible, but we backtrack to "inf" The list of units and conversions was downloaded from:http://w3.energistics.org/uom/poscUnits22.xml It returns results within 50 milliseconds making it fast enough to use the results instead of the standard alfred calculator. It supports more too
    Note: the parser automatically works when you start with a number or a ".". For all other cases (functions for example) it's best to just use "=". For example: "=ln(e^5)"
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    mixterdee reacted to stuartcryan in LastPass Workflow for Alfred - update v1.4.7 August 19, 2016   
    Simple LastPass Workflow for Alfred - quick and easy access to your LastPass vault
    Simple yet powerful integration with the Lastpass CLI so you can now get your passwords out of your Lastpass vault and straight into the clipboard from within Alfred.
    Version 1.4.7 update - Please Read
    Ladies and gents, I am happy to present v 1.4.5 of the workflow. Before I continue, this has represented a SIGNIFICANT amount of work for me so if you like it and use it, please say thank you by donating towards my Diet Coke and cake fund.   Any amount will do, whatever you feel the value is for you/your business/your time.  
    Please note you MUST update your LastPass CLI version to 0.7.1 or higher as this update relies on new functionality that I worked with the LastPass team on integrating into the official CLI. Additionally version 1.4.6 and higher of the workflow WILL ONLY SUPPORT ALFRED 3 (and are not backwards compatible)
    If you haven't used LastPass before... you are crazy and you should it is the single greatest password manager package out there    so check it out at http://stu.link/LaStPaSs (Disclaimer, if you sign up through that link I get a free month otherwise you can go direct to http://www.lastpass.com).
    This workflow represents many many hours effort of development, testing and rework. So if you love the workflow, and get use out of it every day, if you would like to donate as a thank you to buy me more caffeine giving Diet Coke, some Cake, or to put towards a shiny new gadget you can donate to me via Paypal.
    You can download the latest .alfredworkflow file directly or visit the official github repository (where you can log any issues, feedback or suggestions also).
    Ensure you have Alfred installed with the Alfred Powerpack License Install Capture::Tiny Open up a Terminal Window run the command 'sudo cpan install Capture::Tiny' Accept the default options and ensure Capture::Tiny installs successfully Install Homebrew (if you do not have it already installed) You should be able to just run the command in a terminal window (as your own user account NOT with sudo) ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)" Alternatively visit http://brew.sh/ for further instructions. Install LastPass command line interface In a terminal window run brew install lastpass-cli --with-pinentry --with-doc Download the .alfredworkflow file Open the .alfredworkflow file to import into Alfred Run 'lpsetemail yourloginemail@yourdomain.com' in Alfred to set your LastPass username. Usage
    lpsetemail yourname@example.com - must be run when you first install/upgrade to version 1.2 or higher lpsettimeout NUMSEC - Set number of seconds until your login times out (where NUMSEC is an integer such as 28800, if you use 0 that will keep you logged in until your computer restarts) lplogin - Log in to LastPass lplogout - Log out of LastPass lp Search Lastpass vault for item containing , press return to copy to clipboard. Shift modifier can be used on lp to copy the username. Contributing
    Fork it! Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature' Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature Submit a pull request History
    Version 1.4.7 Changed mechanism for copying to clipboard. Now marks passwords as transient, Alfred will no longer store them in the clipboard history. Updated icon submitted by Tom Conroy has been merged in (thanks for this Tom!) Version 1.4.6 Updated to work with Alfred 3 (long awaited official release of the long-in-testing beta version). Username display functionality submitted by Guillermo Moreno has been merged in with some minor changes (thanks for your hard work Guillermo!) Released with my apologies for the delay in getting this version out of beta... my masters course was INTENSE this semester, thank you to all of those that waited patiently. Version 1.4.5 Fixed detection for when login has timed out, now correctly requests login. Fixed rare cases of login-script loops. Improved speed of copying usernames. Updated documentation. Version 1.4.4Merged in code submitted by Ariel Barreiro to better support two factor authentication (2FA). Version 1.4.3NOTE: This has the same requirements as v1.4.2 below Fixes the binary version of the flow so that it is ACTUALLY updated Adds a fix so that the CLI's copy to clipboard is now lightening fast and should happen pretty much instantly. Version 1.4.2NOTE: This version *requires* the LastPass CLI v 0.7.1 or higher due to this new feature --> Login process completely changed over to use AppleScript (cleaner and nicer). This was thanks to work between myself and Bob from LastPass who maintains the official LastPass CLI to add a feature allowing an external login prompt to be used. Login password prompt now uses an AppleScript password prompt. Fix to allow you to search for words in any order. Vault item's which now require re-authentication will pop up the AppleScript login prompt. Has now been tested with a Vault with over 30,000 items for performance tweaks. (I have since been told by LastPass support their soft limit is significantly lower than this at ~2500 items explains why I was having some issues in testing). More resilient escaping of text in the XML to ensure that special characters should not cause any issues. Fixed missing quotes in some areas that could cause issues with spaces. Squashed a little regex bug and wiped up the goo. Fixed issues with spaces in certain paths we referenced Fixed how the initial login process is run after a reboot. This required the changes made to how we manage the login process and it has subsequently been cleaned up significantly. Other minor general tweaks. Version 1.2Bug - Removed deprecated framework code Bug - Merged pull request #4 from jsquyres "we-love-macports-too" to support macports installs of the lastpass-CLI Bug - Further improved on jsquyres code to support some additional install locations. Bug - Fixed bash script reliability, after two login attempts the script was often failing. Improvement - Improved sync behaviour to better support extremely large vaults. Improvement - Added new 'lpsync' command to force a sync on demand. Improvement - Changed behaviour to store login email in your Apple Keychain (set with 'lpsetemail yourname@example.com'). Improvement - Added the ability to set the logout timeout and store in the keychain (set with 'lpsettimeout NUMSEC' where NUMSEC is an integer such as 28800, if you use 0 that will keep you logged in until your computer restarts). Improvement - Added hotkeys to the main functions. Version 1.1Removed code that worked around an old buggy version of pinentry Fixed incorrect handling of no search results found (previously reported CLI tools were not installed) Version 1.0 - Initial Release Credits
    Created by Stuart Ryan. If you would like to get into contact you can do so via:
    @StuartCRyan on Twitter Stuart Ryan on LinkedIn Technical Notebook Blog License
    Released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991
    NOTE: This Alfred Workflow is not affiliated in any way with LastPass. The LastPass trademark and logo are owned by LastPass.com. The LastPass logo and product name have been used with permission of the LastPass team.
    My thanks go out to LastPass for their awesome product and the new CLI!
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    mixterdee reacted to rice.shawn in Simple IP Address Grabber   
    You could just use Ctwise's Network Info workflow for that.
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    mixterdee reacted to deanishe in Searchio! Auto-suggestion from search engines in different languages   
    Searchio! workflow for Alfred
    Auto-suggest search results from multiple search engines and languages.
    There are a few existing workflows that provide auto-suggest results from one or the other search engine, but this includes not only multiple search engines, but also allows you to specify multiple languages/regions for your results.

    Supports the following search engines/websites:
    Google Google Images Google Maps YouTube Wikipedia Wiktionary Amazon eBay DuckDuckGo Bing Yahoo! Ask.com Yandex.ru Naver.com Wikia.com  
    Download and installation
    Download the latest version from the GitHub releases page or Packal.
    There are several searches pre-configured. Only some have keywords (i.e. can be used as-is):
    g — Search Google in system (i.e. default) language m — Search Google Maps in system (i.e. default) language gi — Search Google Images in system (i.e. default) language w — Search Wikipedia in system (i.e. default) language wn — Search Wiktionary in system (i.e. default) language a — Search Amazon in system (i.e. default) language. If your system language is English, this will search Amazon.com. Use -l uk in the Script Filter to search Amazon.co.uk or -l ca to search Amazon.ca. yt — Search YouTube in system (i.e. default) language searchio [<query>] — Show settings and list of supported search engines. Currently, the only setting is a toggle to also show the <query> in the results list (default: No). searchiohelp — Open help file in your browser You can add a keyword to (and edit) one of the existing examples or add your own searches. For details on how to do that, see the GitHub page.
    Licensing, thanks
    The code in this workflow is released under the MIT Licence.
    The icons belong to the respective search engines.
    This workflow uses the Alfred-Workflow library and docopt (both MIT-licensed).
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    mixterdee reacted to NateDickson in Simple IP Address Grabber   
    I created a simple workflow to return the IP address of any domain you give it. When you enter a domain name it can understand it will fill in the first result item with the address, pressing enter will copy the address to the clipboard. 

    The download link!
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    mixterdee reacted to aiyo in Send URL   
    I have finally converted my Send URL extension into a workflow.

    The workflow selects the URL from the frontmost App or a URL from the Clipboard. Supported Apps are:
    Safari Webkit Google Chrome (Beta/Dev/Canary) Camino Opera (and Opera Next) Omniweb  
    You can then send the URL to a variety of Apps
    Safari Webkit Google Chrome (Beta/Dev/Canary) Camino Opera (and Opera Next) Omniweb Firefox (and Aurora) iCab Sleipnir Paparazzi! Mail Sparrow Postbox Gmail VLC Adium (as a chat to an online contact) Droplr downforeveryoneorjustme.com and the clipboard  
    The workflow only list the Apps installed on you mac.
    You can download Send URL here:
    I have updated Send URL.  
    The update fixes a bug where the workflow would not work if the URL contains a '&' and downforeveryoneorjustme.com is not working correctly.
    I have also included options to copy the URL as a HTML or Markdown link (including the page title)
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