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Workflow: Units - convert currency length temperature weight and more

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JPY typo as dpy on line 705




$this->add_to_lib(1,0,'dpy' ,'currency' ,'|jpy|¥|yen|japanese|' ,'yen'   ,'Japanese yen'  ,'usd|eur|gbp'); 
should be:
$this->add_to_lib(1,0,'jpy' ,'currency' ,'|jpy|¥|yen|japanese|' ,'yen'   ,'Japanese yen'  ,'usd|eur|gbp'); 
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This workflow is great. Exactly what I was looking for. 


Is it possible to reduce the amount of decimals when converting currency?  $31.297680059466 is a bit unwieldy and way more information than I usually need. $31.297 or even $31.3 would be enough for my everyday needs.


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It doesn't work if I want to convert from US Dollars to Mexican Pesos, where can I modify this?


Hi, rkrdo.. and others


I'm working on a bigger update...

But for now I fixed a couple of typo's.

this will fix :


- mexican dollar (mxn)

- japanese yen(jpy)

- new zealand dollra (nzd).


Please re-download Units for it to take effect

download via http://time.designandsuch.com/units/update

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Well yes, but mostly no. 


There has been a lot of confusion regarding what constitutes a gigabyte throughout the years. One gigabyte is exactly 1000 MB. 



Actually a GB is 1024MB in real terms. Take it from a programmer with over 25 years experience.


This confusion has only come about because of HD manufacturers who resorted to measure GB as 1000MB to make their capacities seem larger than they actually were. More a marketing thing than anything. This is why when you get info from your PC on HD space it always comes to lower than whats written on the sticker, as the PC is measuring it properly, in base 2.


As a conversion, I'd recommend sticking to the base 2 definition. That's what computers work with :)

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That's what computers work with


Not consistently: OS X has reported base-10 numbers with respect to drive capacity (in line with manufacturers' specs.) since Snow Leopard (10.6).


Confusion exists, but it can be avoided by using distinct unit names for the base-10 and base-2 definitions:

  • GB (gigabyte)= base 10 = 10 ^ 9
  • GiB (gibibyte [sic]) = base 2 = 2 ^ 30

(analogous distinction for KB/KiB, ...)


This distinction was adopted by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and "the IEC Standard had been adopted by the IEEE, EU, and NIST."

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigabyte

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Is it possible to reduce the amount of decimals when converting currency?  $31.297680059466 is a bit unwieldy and way more information than I usually need. $31.297 or even $31.3 would be enough for my everyday needs.

Any fix for this? Can I modify it myself somehow?

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This could be extraordinarily useful to graphic designers (especially UI folks) with the incorporation of typography and resolution converters. E.g:


• Pixels (px) at Resolution (ppi) = Length (millimetres, inches, …), and inverse

• Points (pt) to Length (millimetres, inches, …), and inverse

• Ems (em) or Ens (en) at Point Size (pt) and at Resolution (ppi) = Pixels (px)

• (et cetera…)


It used to be that 1 point was equal to 1 pixel, but with mobile and "retina" resolutions there's no longer any consistency.

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This workflow is great. Exactly what I was looking for. 


Is it possible to reduce the amount of decimals when converting currency?  $31.297680059466 is a bit unwieldy and way more information than I usually need. $31.297 or even $31.3 would be enough for my everyday needs.


I'd also like this. Something like $367.252447 would be much nicer.

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Hi everyone,


I just wanted to let you know that i'm still working on the new version.

which is going to include all the extra units that where mentioned as requests ( cooking units, typography units ect. ).

But more importantly I'm working on a complimentary website with all the units and their ; abbreviations, explanation and some interesting debates about the different conversion conventions. I will start with just a Docs of all the units. But maybe i'll even make it into a public wiki at some point.


I'm developing with an web-feed based version, which might be a little slower ( if you've got an old mac ) and will require an internet connection, but I barely feel any lack myself. In fact since the current 'local' version checks for the exchange rates now and then it freezes for a moment the first time you run it. And now I will update the exchange rates on my own server. 


I'm still considering porting it to a local version so it can run independently on your machine. But that would leave out some essential power i build in this time. Mostly of which are the updates, since right now I know there are a lot of people with old version who have to deal with bugs i fixed a long time ago.

So maybe I just should use that time to add in more units. Any thoughts on the local vs web-feed dillemma?


And the best thing is that I will be able to add new units and expand the keywords to activate them on the fly. So if someone finds a bug / typo I can fix it for everyone right away. I'm sure there are quite some people around who are still struggling with my typo's in a couple of currency abbreviations. So this won't be a problem anymore in the future.


And this time i tackled the double units.. so now you will be able to just type  5'7" cm and it will tell you 170.18 cm.. so this will work for all of them off course. 5kilometer 2 miles m  will return 8218.688 m... and so on.


Basically redid the whole thing, all i need to do now is work a bit on the phrasing.. update/ edit some of the icons. and add all those extra units.


I'll keep you guys posted!

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Release of Units 0.5 (beta)


Hi workflow users, I am releasing version 0.5 of the new Units.

It's still in heavy development so don't expect a solid state.


This version is more for early adopters who would like to check out the new features


you can download it here  : http://time.designandsuch.com/units/update

docs: http://time.designandsuch.com/units/docs


As you can see I also created a ( really shabby ) documentation of the workflow, this will be improved off course.

So if you're interested to try it out, here are some new features:


1. version solution :  manually check the version



2. double units - aka - fix the 1'5" > cm problem



3. Docs - if Units doesn't understand he will refer you to the docs



4. Notifications if a new update is available





If you would like to help me with adding units and making it better, please contact me at thijs@designandsuch.com


So now on to a stable and complete version 1.0

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The above version does not handle the Thai Baht (thb). It is not usable like that since that and temperatures are the main things I use it for. I went back to the original version.


You're absolutely right, I'm still adding values and improving some features ( better special character handling, smarter interpretation, improved logic etc ).


The old version is 'at this point in time' more useful in general, because it simply has more units.

I would encourage people to download the new version though, because this one will get all the old + the new units eventually.


*I added the bath into the new version in my attempt to win you over :P

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