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    JJJJ reacted to Terminal in How to save selected text as Alfred snippet?   
    This is possible with a more advanced workflow. It would take a initial setup. But once setup should pretty straight forward. Created a POC. If you would like to see it and modify it please let me know.

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    JJJJ reacted to Alan He in clipboard history support multi select   
    When pasting, sometimes, I want to paste multiple histories at once. Currently I need to call up the Clipboard history multiple times. If multiple selections are supported, for example, while pressing Shift or Command as modifier key, apply multiple selections will be a very good experience.

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    JJJJ reacted to Florent Isidore in Alfredworkflows.store - A new platform of curated workflows   
    Hi!    I made up this new Alfred marketplace of workflows as a guy fancy of digital tools and productivity (and as Alfred Lover of course)   Alfred workflows is a curated list with a selection of 100+ Workflows for everyone divided into 13 Categories (Design, Development, Productivity, Video and others...) and for different job titles (Developers, Project Managers, Designers…)   The community of Alfred users and I will add more every week to help people and you be more productive.   This is a version 1.0, not perfect. Hope you will enjoy it.    What do you think?
      Feel free to ask me any questions and share your feedback!   Cheers! Florent
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    JJJJ reacted to shmulvad in TinyPNG   
    An Alfred 4 workflow for quickly compressing and resizing images using TinyPNG. Simply select a collection of images or a folder in Finder and activate the workflow.

    Installation and Getting Started
    Install alfred-tinypng workflow. All further updates are handled automatically. You will need to configure the workflow with an API key from TinyPNG. Type tinypng_api to get a link to the pagewhere you can get your API key and to actually set the key when you have gotten it.

    Select either a folder, image file or a number of image files in Finder. Afterward, open Alfred and type tinypng. You are presented with the following choices:

    Choose an item based on what you want. When selected, the workflow will start compressing/resizing the image(s). After it is done, they will be saved to the same directory and with the same filename as the original image. The original image will be preserved with .bak prepended before the file extension. I.e. if compressing img.jpg, this will now become img.bak.jpg and the compressed image will be saved as img.jpg.
    Refer to the TinyPNG documentation for a full explanation of the different resizing options.
    Why? Another TinyPNG workflow already exists
    It doesn't support choosing the files based on what is selected in Finder (which I personally prefer). Only simple compression is supported whereas all TinyPNG compressions and resizing options are supported in this workflow. It seems to be abandoned by the creator (has not been updated since 2015). Credits
    The workflow makes use of the following:
    OneUpdater by vitorgalvao for handling automatic updates. TinyPNG Python API  
    Code and more can be viewed on the associated GitHub-repo. If you find this workflow useful, stars are appreciated.
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    JJJJ reacted to jackchuka in Jiralfred - Alfred Workflow for go-jira/jira   
    Just updated my workflow as @deanishe suggested. A huge thanks!
    It should now be Go-free and self contained.
    If you have any other suggestions, it's more than welcome. Also, feel free to contribute directly on Github too.
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    JJJJ reacted to blacs30 in Bitwarden CLI - Get passwords, username, TOTP and more from Bitwarden   
    Bitwarden Alfred Workflow
    * Completely rewritten in go
    * fast secret / item search thanks to caching (no secrets are cached only the keys/names)
      * cache is encrypted
    * access to (almost) all object information via this workflow
    * download attachments via this workflow
    * show favicons of the websites
    * auto update
    * uses the [awgo](https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/deanishe/awgo?tab=doc) framework/library
    * many customizations possible

    - Download the latest release https://github.com/blacs30/bitwarden-alfred-workflow/releases
    - Open the downloaded file in Finder
    - Make sure that the Bitwarden CLI https://github.com/bitwarden/cli#downloadinstall is installed
    - If running on macOS Catalina or later, you _**MUST**_ add Alfred to the list of security exceptions for running unsigned software. See  this guide https://github.com/deanishe/awgo/wiki/Catalina for instructions on how to do this.
      - Yes, this sucks and is annoying, but there is unfortunately is no easy way around this. macOS requires a paying Developer account for proper app notarization. I'm afraid I'm not willing to pay a yearly subscription fee to Apple just so that this (free and open source) project doesn't pester macOS Gatekeeper
    To use, activate Alfred and type `.bw` to trigger this workflow. From there:
    - type `.bwauth` for login/logout/unlock/lock
    - type `.bwconfig` for settings/sync/workflow update/help/issue reports
    - type any search term to search for secrets/notes/identities/cards
    - modifier keys and actions are presented in the subtitle, different actions are available depending on the object type
    Advanced Features / Configuration
    Please see the README in the git repository, the table is better formatted over there https://github.com/blacs30/bitwarden-alfred-workflow/blob/master/README.md

    Develop locally
    1. Install alfred cli <br>
    `go get -u github.com/jason0x43/go-alfred/alfred`
    2. Clone [this repo](https://github.com/blacs30/bitwarden-alfred-workflow).
    3. Link the workflow directory with Alfred <br>
    `cd workflow; alfred link`
    4. Install dependency and run the first build<br>
    `make build`
    Colors and Icons
    *Light blue*
    Hex: #175DDC <br>
    RGB: 23,93,220
    *Darker blue*
    Hex: #134db7 <br>
    RGB: 20,81,192
    Get icons as pngs here https://fa2png.app/ and this is the browser https://fontawesome.com/cheatsheet

    Licensing and Thanks
    The icons are based on [Bitwarden Brand](https://github.com/bitwarden/brand) , (https://fontawesome.com/) and [Material Design](https://materialdesignicons.com/) Icons.
    Parts of the README are taken over from [alfred-aws-console-services-workflow](https://github.com/rkoval/alfred-aws-console-services-workflow)
    Source that helped me to get started
    - [Writing Alfred workflows in Go](https://medium.com/@nikitavoloboev/writing-alfred-workflows-in-go-2a44f62dc432)
    - [Example of the awgo package] (https://github.com/deanishe/awgo/blob/master/_examples/update/main.go)
    - [awgo package](https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/deanishe/awgo?tab=doc)

    - "I'm seeing the following dialog when running the workflow" 
      Per the installation steps https://github.com/blacs30/bitwarden-alfred-workfloww#installation, you **_MUST_** add Alfred to the list of Developer Tool exceptions for Alfred to run any workflow that contains an executable (like this one)
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    JJJJ reacted to Alan He in Adding AirDrop Support to Alfred   
    you can have a try.

    Now, it is only simplified, right click=》 share=》airdrop operation
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    JJJJ reacted to Alan He in Statistics how many workflow and display   
    I think show display how many workflow installed 
    Such as shown here  `10 installed `

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    JJJJ reacted to MrMonkey006 in Japanese Translator   
    Easily and quickly translate from Japanese to English or vice versa using this workflow! I thought this would be a helpful workflow for those of you out there who are learning/interested in learning Japanese! It makes looking up and double checking words/sentence much faster.
    This work flow offers three tools:
    Vocabulary definitions straight from Jisho.org Japanese Verb conjugations Sentence translation using google translate  
    To install, visit my packal or GitHub.

    Note: conjugation takes a little bit longer to generate compared to the vocabulary as vocabulary utilizes Jisho.org's API to gather definitions, while the conjugations are gotten through Beautiful Soup 4.

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    JJJJ reacted to vitor in Instagram Search Query   
    Had to remake it from scratch. Ugly but it works. Here you go.
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    JJJJ reacted to psifertex in Workflow to get next meeting location/url and open it   
    I'm using the following regex for teams as well. While we're at it, I also added zoomgov:
    https://teams\.microsoft\.com/l/meetup-join/[a-z0-9%_\.-]+ https:\/\/([a-z0-9]+\.)?zoomgov\.com\/j\/\d+(\?pwd=[A-Za-z0-9]+)?  
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    JJJJ reacted to chusiang in speedtest.net workflow   
    I create a SpeedTest workflow with speedtest-cli, maybe some one like it.
    > [Download]
    > [source Code]
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    JJJJ reacted to firesofmay in NoteTaker — Keep small bits of text   
    Only issue is when I select cmd+enter, it gets copied but I don't see it being deleted till I retype nview.
    Other than that it looks good.
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    JJJJ reacted to vitor in NoteTaker — Keep small bits of text   
    Save named clipboard items for later retrieval.

    Call nadd, type a name, and press ↵. Your clipboard contents will be saved to a txt file of the chosen name.

    Retrieve your notes with nview. ⇧ or ⌘Y will quicklook its contents; ↵ will copy them; ⌘↵ copies and deletes; ⌥↵ opens the note in your text editor.

    To keep notes synced between machines, use the notes_dir Workflow Environment Variable to pick a custom save location.
    Download | Source
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    JJJJ reacted to sballin in Search Apple/iCloud Notes   
    Version 3.0.0 is out! Notes for this release:
    Rewritten in Go Faster searching Create a new note if none was found Shift+enter to search for query using Notes in-app search
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    JJJJ reacted to biati in Calculate Anything   
    Hi everyone. 
    I don't know what's the best way to notify about updates to the users? do I simply put a comment here? do I update the main post? I just want people to know that the workflow is maintained in case they want to use it.
    Anyway the workflow was rewritten, added cryptocurrency support, there was 3 or 4 updates with bug fixes and improvements since the last time I published a comment here in the forum.
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    JJJJ reacted to godbout in Alfred AirPods Pro Battery   
    i had to dig into bash, unix, a couple of unix tools, and two books about scripting 😂️
    but there's a new version. i understand the code better now, cleaned it, and added the Case battery level if available: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-airpodspro-battery
    have a look and let me know if you guys still have any issue with wrong data being printed out. thanks!
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    JJJJ reacted to gregoire in [SOLVED] Workflow to retrieve Chrome passwords stored in Keychain   
    And I finally managed to solve my issue by following one of this commit that does a change within the decrypt.py : https://github.com/sadovnychyi/alfred-chrome-passwords/commit/0e560c8e66804619a23eb8587d9f5fba3f3d1705
    It was not included into the latest release which is why it could work as expected
    Happy to have solve my own problem, feel free to erase this thread if you feel it won't be useful to someone else  
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    JJJJ reacted to luckman212 in Merge last "N" number of clipboards   
    Well, that was a long & winding road. I'm new to Alfred so I'm still figuring things out. I tried everything I could to avoid using a /tmp file but this was the only way that worked. Everything else—using variables, trying to process the clipboard buffers from within the workflow itself, using external triggers etc, all failed.
    This seems to be due to the way Alfred processes the query buffer as it passes through the workflow. Internally, a reference like `{clipboard:11}` will always return that exact text (e.g. if used in a comparison statement from bash or python) -- it only converts it to the actual clipboard value during OUTPUT actions such as Large Type or Write Text File. The 2nd problem is, if `{clipboard:11}` contains a NULL (empty) value, instead of returning BLANK (which would be expected), Alfred insists on instead outputting the dynamic placeholder itself. So, if you have only 5 clips and you ask for 10 to be merged, the last 5 will be written out as just `{clipboard:6}, {clipboard:7}...` etc.
    TL;DR I could not find a reliable way to test for "empty" values and omit them from the output other than using Write Text File and then processing it with sed. This works fine though, and the script cleans up the /tmp file after itself and is pretty quick about it.
    If anyone knows a better way I'm all ears. But I think this is something that would have to be fixed in Alfred itself.
    Here's the new version:
    omits empty strings from output if you request > clips than exist in the history configurable MIN_CLIPS and MAX_CLIPS variables added notifications for success/failure https://github.com/luckman212/clipmerge-alfred-workflow/blob/master/README.md
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    JJJJ reacted to luckman212 in System Preferences - icons - mystery? (10.15.1)   
    @Macchio - @alfredpleb - @blizzrdof77 -- I found a bug that prevents certain keywords from appearing in the search results. Need to beef up the JSON parsing a bit but I should have it working in a day or 2. I'll definitely post an update soon!
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    JJJJ reacted to pvantees in Calendly workflow for Alfred   
    I was looking for a workflow to easily access my Calendly links, did not find it listed here. Found one on Github here https://github.com/promptworks/alfred-calendly and it's working like a charm. 
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    JJJJ reacted to vdesabou in Spotify Mini Player: Control your Spotify library at your fingertips   
    Hello All,
    I've just released version 9.0, which is a major version with lot of improvements (podcast support, modifier key to queue tracks or episode, preview tracks, etc..) see article here https://alfred-spotify-mini-player.com/blog/Version-9.0/
    Enjoy !
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    JJJJ reacted to godbout in Alfred AirPods Pro Battery   
    another fork: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-airpods-pro-battery
    the original Workflow doesn't work for me (wrong arguments; left ear gets right ear data and right ear gets nothing).
    currently only available on GitHub. will put on Packal later... :))))))

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    JJJJ reacted to godbout in Alfred AirPods Pro Connector   
    btw i have another fork coming, for the AirPods Pro battery. will probably trigger you. left an issue on the repo like 3 weeks ago, ready to do a PR but no answer 🤷‍♂️️
    here's the issue link: https://github.com/BeneathCloud/AirpodsBattery/issues/1
    maybe you want to add your grain of salt? 😂️
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    JJJJ reacted to godbout in Alfred AirPods Pro Connector   
    a shameless fork of Alfred AirPods Connector (https://github.com/mariuskiessling/alfred-airpods-connector). i had to change the icons, really, i had to. also i like to have different keywords for connecting and disconnecting, so here we go.
    Doc, screenshots, releases on GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-airpods-connector
    Release on Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-airpods-pro-connector

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