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    Ddyracer got a reaction from sternennacht in OS X Dock Black   
    ​Use with Terminal Hack: defaults write com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2 experimentalBlur -int 13
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    Ddyracer reacted to deanishe in Fuzzy Folders   
    Fuzzy search across folder subtrees.
    Update 10/09/2016:
    Added Alfred 3 support and removed Alfred 2 support. Added ability to self-update.  
    Update 10/04/2014:
    Added support for glob-style excludes. Unfortunately, these have to be added manually to the settings file at the moment. Update 05/04/2014:
    Now supports searching files as well as/instead of folders You can now adjust the minimum query length to improve search performance.

    This Workflow provides partial matching of path components, allowing you to drill down into your filesystem with a space-separated query. Each "word" of the query will be matched against the components of a directory or file's path, so a three-word query will only match at least three levels down from the specified root directory.

    You can use a File Action to intiate a fuzzy search on a folder or to assign a keyword to perform a fuzzy search on that folder.


    Get the Workflow from GitHub or Packal.

    fuzzy — List your Fuzzy Folders ↩ — Edit Fuzzy Folder settings ⌘+↩ — Start a Fuzzy Folder search with the associated keyword ⌥+↩ — Delete the keyword–Fuzzy Folder combination fzyup — Recreate the Script Filters from your saved configuration (useful after an update) fzyhelp — Open the help file in your browser Settings

    You can specify these settings globally as defaults for all Fuzzy Folders or on a per-folder basis. For ad-hoc searches via the Fuzzy Search Here file action, the default settings always apply.

    Use keyword fuzzy to view and edit settings.
    Minimum query length — The last "word" of a query must be this long to trigger a search. Default is 1, but increase this number if the search is too slow. This is very often the case if you're searching a large subtree and/or also choose to search files. Search scope — Choose to search only for folders, files or both. Note: In most cases, searches including files are significantly slower. Consider increasing the minimum query length to speed up slow searches. File Actions
    Fuzzy Search Here — Fuzzy search this folder Add Fuzzy Folder — Set a keyword for this folder for faster fuzzy searching Search result actions
    ↩ — Open folder in Finder ⌘+↩ — Browse folder in Alfred Bugs, questions, feedback

    You can open an issue on GitHub, or post in this thread.

    Licensing, other stuff

    This Workflow is made available under the MIT Licence.

    The icon was made by Jono Hunt.

    It uses docopt and Alfred-Workflow.
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    Ddyracer got a reaction from thec13 in OS X Dock Black   
    ​Use with Terminal Hack: defaults write com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2 experimentalBlur -int 13
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    Ddyracer got a reaction from leefur in The Minimalist   
    Nothing yet. Maybe we will see it soon.
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    Ddyracer got a reaction from leefur in The Minimalist   
    Now that i think of it, it's not really popular so i probably shouldn't have said that.
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    Ddyracer reacted to Zyan in White   
    Something clean.

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    Ddyracer got a reaction from thec13 in OS X Dock   
    I recommend using this theme with the blur hack & set to a value of 5, if you wish. 
    Click here for link.

    Inspired by all the minimal themes and the OS X Menubar theme.
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    Ddyracer reacted to Davide in Workflows with Preferences into Alfred Feature Preferences   
    Would be wonderful to implement workflows with Preferences into the Alfred Feature Preferences. Workflows like
    Dropbox Evernote Notes with New Text File UniCall and others...
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    Ddyracer reacted to EugenyPavlenko in Minimize all windows   
    For people who miss Win+D feature of Windows OS.
    Minimize all windows
    Minimizes all windows, like Win+D does on Windows OS
    Set a desirable hotkey, like Ctrl+D
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    Ddyracer reacted to alexbull in "Buffer" for snippet merging in clipboard Viewer   
    The idea here would be to use the same interface as the file buffer in the clipboard viewer to enable pasteboard merging.
    Here's the workflow I'd envision:
    1. Copy a bunch of separate things in no particular order
    2. Go to the clipboard viewer, and then hit ⌥→ to add to the buffer. On actioning this (⌘C to copy or ↩ to paste directly), the buffer is merged.
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    Ddyracer reacted to vitor in WordsWith — Find words that contain a particular pattern   
    I’m not sure what you mean. The goal of the workflow is just to gather if the words exist at all, to allow you to pick triggers that don’t conflict with words that you might use. In what way are you thinking Safari would fit in this?
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    Ddyracer reacted to politicus in Access apps menus via Alfred.   
    Sometimes, it might be helpful to access apps menus via Alfred.
    For example: 
    Typing the first few letters of System preferences, having System preferences selected, hitting tab, having all the system preferences menus (General, ... , Sharing) displayed, typing the first few letter the menu I want to access, enter. 
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    Ddyracer reacted to 234 in 3 fresh themes inspired by iOS7 !   
    Hi peeps,   I'm really excited about the new iOS, so I decided to make these themes for you         New iMessages like     Download here!       New Siri like

    Download here!
    And my favorite one,
    New iPod app like


    Download here!
    I hope you like it!
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    Ddyracer reacted to rev in Two bowlers! I only want one.   
    So what is the best way to remove old Aflred 1.2?
    Should I just drag the app icon to the trash?
    If I use AppZapper will it break my new Alfred 2.02?
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    Ddyracer got a reaction from 234 in YouTube HD   
    A theme for us Youtube fanatics.

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    Ddyracer reacted to dario in Send currently selected text to Alfred   
    I've been a longtime Launchbar user, but have decided to switch to Alfred for the workflows.
    In Launchbar I was able to select text in any application and then press and hold my Launchbar shortcut (command-space) and that would send the text to Launchbar. From there I could simply type "wi" and then press enter to search wikipedia using that query. This feature is called "Instant Send" in Launchbar.
    Does Alfred have a similar feature?
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    Ddyracer reacted to designandsuch in Workflow: Units - convert currency length temperature weight and more   
    A better unit converter

     Download V0.6
    contact thijs@designandsuch.com for questions, bugs, ideas and such
    try out the demo
    There are more unit converters available. but i didn't like the lack of speed due to the feeds. Thus i redid one myself which calculates everything on your mac. It fetches new currency data once in a while.. that's the only time when a second delay might appear. And in my humble opinion it's already better than all other unit converters around.
    I might add more units in the future but so far it has:
    - 7 units temperature  ( celsius, kelvin, fahrenheit etc. )
    - 21 units on length  ( km, miles, nautical miles etc. )
    - 15 units on weight   ( kg, lb, etc. )
    - 8 units on time ( days, hours, years months etc )
    - 18 units on digital memory ( GB, MB TB bytes, kilobytes etc )
    - 5 units on speed ( km/h, miles per hour etc.
    - 90 units on currencies ( euro, dollar, pounds, dinar etc. )
    that's 164 units
    It has a nice blind rating system. so the more you choose for one answer, the more it will be likely that that one shows up in the suggestions.  
    Automatic updates from a currency xml file  
    I am working on an automatic update on the whole workflow so i could add new features while you use it. But that is not finished yet.. and i thought.. let's start sharing maybe ill get some nice feedback for possible cool ideas.  
    * designed the icons myself, probably could work some more on those too.  
    it doesn't need explanation...
    if you'll just start typing
    "5 kilometer to miles..."
    or something you will figure out how it works.
    some screenshots:
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    Ddyracer reacted to Edward in keep Alfred window visible/open   
    Sometimes it would be super convenient to keep Alfred's window open for a minute, two minutes...  E.g., when you've done a math calculation, looked up a word in Dictionary.app, navigated to a folder deep in the hierarchy, etc.
    How about a keystroke or keyword which would keep Alfred visible?  Something like "Lock" and "Unlock."
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    Ddyracer got a reaction from parekh in Contacts   
    Fair enough, you might be able to remap cmd return using third party software.
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    Ddyracer reacted to samvlu in Hide / Show All Windows Workflow   
    Hide All Windows
    Download here
    Show All Windows
    Download here
    Just type "hide" to hide all windows and "show" to show them all back.
    Works with Finder Windows too!
    Enjoy guys!
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    Ddyracer reacted to ctbeiser in Typeface options   
    I was very excited to be able to choose another typeface in Alfred 2, because of my deeply felt hatred of Helvetica. I had it all planned out: Avenir Medium. It was going to be a thing of beauty. I upgraded my powerpack license, thoughts of beautiful type circling in my head... I punched in my activation code, and... Chalkboard? Marker Felt? Impact? Surely jokes... but no way to set Avenir to be my typeface of choice? Truely, my heart crumpled. I beseech you: please grant me Avenir.
    TL;DR: I want to be able to choose Avenir as my theme's typeface. Choosing any font would be my preferred, but just Avenir would be alright as well.
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    Ddyracer reacted to Ahti333 in Contact Pictures in search results   
    It would be cool if the contact picture was shown in the results list when searching for contacts
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    Ddyracer reacted to vlad.gorohovsky in Icon Extractor for OS X Apps   
    This workflow extract & save icon from any OS X apps to your Desktop. Just type icon and choose the app.
    By default it saves icon in 512px and PNG. Feel free to change this parameters.

    If you want to save max resolution pictures just delete this line from the script:
    --resampleHeightWidthMax 512  Based on a bash code from Brett Terpstra. Alfred 2 theme by @egla.
    Enjoy! http://cl.ly/3c2h0S0t1I3K
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    Ddyracer got a reaction from Jb_Bryant in Safari Bookmarks aren't showing in Alfred   
    You can also reset the search scope as a easier way to enable your bookmarks.
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    Ddyracer reacted to ericwbailey in A better Mute   
    This workflow mutes the system volume with the Keyword mute, meaning that all sound coming from the computer is stopped. Typing mute again will re-enable sound. It's pretty simple, but effective:

    Remember to disable the iTunes mute Keyword, if previously enabled: Preferences > Features > iTunes > Keywords > Mute iTunes


    If you want a finer degree of control, you could also rig it to work in conjunction with the iTunes mute Keyword if this workflow's Keyword is changed to something different, say "muteall".
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