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  1. Are you trying to save the entire window contents or just a particular image?
  2. One other note re Pacmax - the design could be tightened up a lot - there’s quite a lot of white space e.g. on every page there’s a big open area with a horizontal line and then the page title in a huge font, and only below that is the actual content. I’d also prefer one workflow per line in results, rather than needing to read down newspaper columns. And it would be nice to keep the search box in view even when you scroll down (an issue currently exacerbated by the multi column format).
  3. FWIW I quite like the idea of basing it on github (despite the fact that I haven’t actually put any finished workflows up there...primarily because they predated my use of github), for a couple of reasons: It’s separate from Pacmax, and will endure even if PM doesn’t, with all the workflows and readmes etc. still searchable It provides a bug reporting system It’s pretty close to universally accepted and is very easy to learn how to use, even if only through the web and without a git client, version control etc. one could set up Pacmax (or something else) to automaticall
  4. Presumably if any automated solution based on github is to work, there would need to be a standard for how Alfred github repos are structured.
  5. Yeah that works fine. Depending on how you work using open has some other flags that may make it helpful. Notably opening apps in the background or hidden (see and the man page).
  6. The easiest way will be to use the open command in a bash script e.g. to open in Preview open -a "Preview.app" {query}
  7. Yes. Is it a fixed list of files or will it change depending on the search term?
  8. You can do it by checking a bunch of the boxes in Preferences > Features > Default Results. But I don’t recommend it — see
  9. I built all my tools off an early manifestation of smargh's work and never updated it to Skimmer b/c the system I had was working well enough. I don't use the semantic color-coding of notes that's in the Skimmer workflow. The export script is here: https://gist.github.com/derickfay/e357c148c257618548a41389ef87b7ad It relies on having the top three notes created with smargh's script here: https://gist.github.com/fractaledmind/6068092 which I call from an Alfred workflow using keyword sk3 - the script above will call Alfred if it doesn
  10. I doubt it -- the remote functionality in iOS Keynote has improved a lot since this was created (I think it may have still been a separate app back then). Actually....I just downloaded this and installed it and it works just fine. The workflow itself appears blank but the .data files are there in the directory and if you go to Preferences > Remote > + > Workflows it's there & you can add it to Remote. Having said that unless you have a compelling reason to use Alfred, I'd recommend using iOS Keynote but I tend to use a lot of presenter notes.
  11. Just FYI the original dev has left academia and hasn't been updating the workflow for a couple years. I've stopped using the scripts here and replaced them with an export script that uses Skim's built-in templating to accomplish much the same thing, in much more parsimonious and less breakable code.
  12. Doesn’t look possible given the current API: https://www.dropbox.com/developers/paper-api-alpha#paper
  13. You may find this helpful: I have successfully migrated everything from TE.
  14. @CJK thanks for your work on this! Looking forward to having a bit of time to work through how you did the Applescript / ObjC integration.
  15. Replace the + with & AS is trying to add numbers ( hence the error message ) rather than concatenating strings.
  16. There are two separate problems here - 1) getting the input from the pedal and 2) controlling the Udemy video. Does the foot pedal send keystrokes? If so, you should be able to capture them in a workflow with a Hotkey trigger. That would then need to call a script to switch to chrome and dispatch the keystroke. Or maybe an open URL with browser set to Chrome depending on how Udemy does it.
  17. I think the underlying problems of performance and differing APIs and capabilities etc. haven't changed. e.g. with Dropbox, finding anything that's synced locally is trivially easy b/c the OS has already done the work of indexing it. Doing a full-text search on files that aren't synced requires a $200/yr. Dropbox Pro subscription and a bunch of API calls.
  18. Why not just keep using Dropbox at the free level?
  19. Yes, details are in the link I posted above.
  20. They're clearly installed by brew. http://osxdaily.com/2018/07/05/where-homebrew-packages-installed-location-mac/ The easiest option is to exclude those directories from Spotlight indexing or from Alfred.
  21. I just want him to answer this question. https://talk.automators.fm/t/sharing-all-the-shortcuts-i-use-activated-from-widgets/3052/2
  22. You'd need to call up Alfred then type the keyword. A snippet trigger aves a keystroke but more importantly it's less of an intrusion into ordinary typing flow (in my experience).
  23. Yes that was written under Alfred 2 I believe...
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