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  1. You need to set the hotkey to trigger it yourself - Alfred strips custom hotkeys on import to avoid creating conflicts.
  2. I've used Skim since 2005, before Preview added annotations, so it's largely a matter of inertia. But it also has better AppleScript capabilities for getting notes out than anything else I've tried I was trying to get the app icons but they weren't showing up despite using (what I think was) the correct json. So I gave up and used the generic 4 square icon. The "All Tags..." control would need to be addressed through GUI scripting. I tried a bit with no success.
  3. Cool, thanks - I expect there will be a lot of similar quirks depending on how apps extend the base classes in applescript, but haven’t had the time to do further testing etc. Unfortunately Readdle seems to have no interest in making their apps scriptable - I had a brief email exchange with them after PDF Expert beta for Mac launched & they’ve done nothing since.
  4. The easiest way to do this will probably be to use Drafts for web searches and Copied for your clipboard. You can also use Copied to replicate Alfred snippet groups (but not the triggers).
  5. Perhaps the technique here will work for you - not exactly the same but it lets you customize workflows by machine: Variant here:
  6. Here, try this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cn5blbpf4flq70g/Active Windows.alfredworkflow?dl=0 If you don't have Skim installed it may crash. If so, try setting the environment variable to just Preview
  7. This is proving to be more complicated....getting window details is easy and standardized but what you can and can’t do with the window varies by app.
  8. Yeah I’m actually working on a workflow that will do this, with any app that supports Applescript including preview. Might be a week before i can get it done.
  9. Two quick ways are 1) type ~ (the Unix abbreviation for the user home directory) and it'll bring you into your home dir and you can use ⌘ & number keys to navigate to Desktop, Downloads etc. 2) type 'Downloads or 'Desktop (typing the single quote before the folder name). This assumes you have turned on Features > File Search > Quick Search
  10. Is there a recommended directory structure etc. for sharing workflows on GitHub?
  11. Just added one to this workflow, keyword is fat - Finder active tabs - because FT kept bringing up FaceTime. The only catch is that AppleScript treats every tab as a separate window, so if you have multiple windows, they will all appear in the results.
  12. Well that lets me get the existing config { "alfredworkflow" : { "config" : { "textcolor" : "", "backgroundcolor" : "", "largetypetext" : "{query}", "alignment" : 0, "fadespeed" : 50, "font" : "", "fillmode" : 1 } } } But adding a JSON Config object before the Large Type object with a different value for font doesn't affect the result. @Andrew is this expected behaviour?
  13. Yes, that's what I was hoping. I looked at the snippet viewer and the snippet keyword results with an RTF snippet, and neither shows the formatting. Hmm I've tried this at your suggestion but am guessing in the dark as to the JSON to use - is it documented somewhere?
  14. That could work. I'd really like to just override the fonts in Alfred's window, like this but with fonts:
  15. With a list filter, where there's a finite, user-defined set of possible actions, it would be convenient to just hit a single key to trigger an action (by default this could be the first character in the action, with duplicate highlighting in the setup). I'm working on a replacement for the buggy, slow-to-be-updated Mail Act-On , and my muscle memory can't handle hitting return any more than I used to.
  16. I'm wondering if it would be possible in Alfred 4 to write a workflow that would call a list filter or script filter which would display the text selection in various fonts, with an action to paste the reformatted text. All of this is straightforward except changing the font. I looked briefly at the arg/var object but it doesn't allow rtf transformations at this point. I'm not really up for writing the raw rtf code to do this but wondering if there's a simpler way....
  17. Yep, that fixed it. I had never touched that setting before but had never used a 3rd party contacts app previously either.
  18. Another approach is to use BBEdit and do a multi-file Find and Replace to correct the source in all the workflows at once. I did this as it's easier for me to maintain with multiple Macs.
  19. Notes is quirky. From Alfred, I can get bold, italic and underline to stick, and bullets, but nothing else. From Ulysses, if I Copy as RTF, I can get headings (## or H2) as headings but titles (# or H1) come in as headings as well. Or, rather, Notes doesn't treat H1 as a title.
  20. No it will be in the MacOS version that launches o/a Sept 2020. Edit: oops misread what you were asking about
  21. I actually like the idea of Alfred providing runtimes but my scripting is almost exclusively in python and Applescript... Beats this
  22. This is a function of the theme but I've forgotten how to change it (and would very much like to do so!). @Andrew can you point us in the right direction?
  23. Updated to use Alfred 4 conditionals to add a snippet to produce the next business day in prose (almost as requested here):
  24. I set my URL handler to x-cardhop://show?id={uid} When I view a contact in Alfred's contact viewer, then hit ⌘O, it opens in Cardhop. However, when I have a contact in Alfred's results list, then hit ⌘O, it opens in Contacts. I'd prefer it if this would also use my custom URL handler instead.
  25. Also, here's an approach I've used to the general issue of running different per-machine configurations with the same workflow.
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